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Presto-X has been committed to controlling rodents ever since the summer of 1932 when our founder, Ward Combs, was encouraged to start selling a formulation used to induce vomiting in humans as rat bait.

Ever since then, Presto-X has been providing regional commercial rodent control services to several Midwest and Western states, including NebraskaIowaIndianaColoradoOklahomaWyomingMissouriArkansasAlabamaTennesseeMississippiIllinois and Texas.

We know how problems caused by rodents like rats and mice can seriously impact and damage your business reputation and potentially lead to large financial losses.

Our commercial pest management focus enables us to better understand how to address your rodent control needs and we are able to offer you a wide selection of integrated pest management services and solutions.

We have helped hundreds of businesses to prevent and control the potential damage associated with these nuisance pest infestations.

Commercial Rodent Control

Call our professional team of pest management experts NOW at 1-888-864-5578 to find out more about how we can help you and your business control and manage your rodent problems.

Industry Specific Rodent Control Services & Solutions 

We offer you a convenient and reliable commercial rodent control service with: 

  • Next Day service guaranteed – your problem will be dealt with promptly
  • Times convenient to you – no need to wait in for us! We will work around your schedule
  • Presto-X Technicians who are experts - they’ll deal with your problem in a fast, efficient, friendly and professional manner
  • Peace of mind - we’ll make as many visits as needed to ensure your rodent problems are completely resolved
  • Expert advice - to help you prevent future rodent infestations
  • Safe pest control techniques using the latest products and equipment – you don’t need to worry about the safety of your clients or employees

Customized Rodent Control Solutions

At Presto-X we understand the rodent-specific challenges unique to your commercial business and our team of qualified pest control technicians will:

  • Inspect Your Facility

The first phase involves a very thorough inspection of your business premises to look for and identify any signs of rodent activity

  • Identify Potential Entry Points

All high-risk areas that provide potential entry points or items that may attract these unwelcome pests are identified and logged to minimize or prevent infestations

  • Inform You of Their Findings 

Once your commercial property has been inspected for rodents and all problem areas identified, our expert technicians will share which areas can benefit from implementing rodent exclusion and proofing strategies to prevent and minimize future infestations

We will help you eliminate the threat posed by rodents in your business! Send us your contact details now or contact us at 1-888-864-5578 to talk to one of our commercial pest management advisors. 

How Presto-X Prevents Eliminates and Monitors Rodent Threats In Your Business 

Presto-X Pest Control provides solutions to any type of rodent concern.

Our rodent management program comprises of regular inspections, sanitation audits, rodent exclusion and population reduction. 

Our commercial rodent control services include:

  • Facility Sanitation Inspections - review any structural concerns or sanitation practices which may be conducive to rodent activity
  • Rodent Exclusion Strategies - eliminating and proofing harborage areas and points of access by addressing the conditions that support the problem
  • Customized Rodent Management Program - address the unique needs of your facility by providing you with a customized rodent solution ¦ Regularly Scheduled Service Visits - we will carry out proactive site visits to ensure that you maintain a rodent–free environment
  • Regulatory & Third Party Compliance Audits - customized programs that will fit any regulatory requirement
  • Rodent Cleanout Programs - advanced rodent problems are addressed through our intensive rodent clean out program 

Please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Presto-X Pest Control local office to find out more.

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