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Pest Control for Department Stores

Protect Your Products from Pests

Pests can become a problem anywhere people flow through. Once pests are present they can quickly damage your merchandise as well as your reputation.

Presto-X Pest Control customizes your pest control program to fit your environment, minimizing the risk of pests in your store. Regularly scheduled visits ensure that the potential for pest activity is kept in check.

Your Presto-X Pest Control Service Technician is available to service your business at a time convenient to you. In addition, they will respond within four hours to any request for service.

Services for your Business

Service Guarantee

If you have a pest problem between regularly scheduled service, your Service Technican will respond at no additional fee.

For your free facility inspection, contact Presto-X Pest Control today at 1-800-759-1942.

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About us

Presto-X provides pest control services to its commercial and industrial clients throughout the central United States.