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Pest Control for the Agriculture, Ethanol, & Grain Industries

Specialists in Farming and Agricultural Pest Control

Pests quickly become a major concern for the commercial agriculture industry, causing structural damage and consuming product.

If you are looking for a complete pest solution for your agriculture-based business, pest management services provided by Presto-X Pest Control assure a pest free environment at your agriculture, ethanol, and/or grain facility.

To meet the special challenge of the agriculture and related industries, Presto-X Pest Control provides these services for your commercial business:

  • Fumigation Services
  • Commercial Vegetation Management Services
  • Stored Product Pest Management, including Pheromone Monitoring
  • Pest Bird Management
  • ULV Applications
  • Grain Inspections
  • Grain Bin Treatments
  • Sanitation Audits
  • Organic Pest Management

Services for your Business

Presto-X Pest Control Service Technicians are experts in the field of agriculture-related pest management, providing you with complete documentation with each inspection.

The quality assurance program at Presto-X Pest Control, Total Quality Management, includes regularly scheduled inspections by Registered Sanitarians, phone surveys, and onsite random audits by regional and corporate Quality Assurance Managers.

Presto-X Pest Control also provides pest management services to Commercial Buildings and Food Processing, Storage and Distribution plants.

Have a pest concern? Call Presto-X Pest Control at 1-800-759-1942 to arrange for a free facility inspection.

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About us

Presto-X provides pest control services to its commercial and industrial clients throughout the central United States.