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Since 1932, Presto-X has been providing expert pest control services guided by the enduring principles of providing world class service to our customers and taking care of our colleagues. 

Presto-X covers your home or business with expert knowledge, professionally licensed and trained technicians, and exemplary service designed specifically for you.

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Bedbug Control

Bed Bug Information

Learn what to look for and most importantly what to do if you suspect bed bugs.

Home Pest control

Home Pest Control

Contact Presto-X for any pest control related issues in your home.

Cockroach Control

How To Get Rid Of Roaches

Call and let Presto-X get rid of roaches for you.

Bioremediation Drain Line & Grease Trap Maintenance Service


Seamlessly integrate your pest control and drain line management.


Agricultural Pest Control

Presto-X technicians are specialists in the farming and agricultural industries.

Commerical Pest Control

Termite Control

Find out how Presto-X helps customers with their termite problems.

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Commercial Pest Control

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