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Des Moines Pest Control

We have a solid group of colleagues that work for the Des Moines Service Center made up of 9 Technical Service Representative, 1 Technical Sales Representative and myself. We specialize in highly regulated accounts, especially commercial and industrial businesses. We are a full service company that offers residential pest control solutions, and provide services for general pest control, fumigation, vegetation, bio-mediation, bed bug heat/conventional, Termites, bird control and more.

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Our Expertise

We specialize in highly regulated accounts, and our PestNetOnLine service provides a competitive edge in the market, with superior documentation at the clients' fingertips. Our colleagues are trained to deliver on our spirit values of teamwork, relationships and quality. You can always rely on your Presto-X technician for sound pest control advice and service.

Local Pest Trends

Central Iowa encounters spring insects, such as Ants, Subterranean Termites, and Clover Mites. Summer time insects are Crickets and Ground Beetles. Fall encounters rodents and insects, such as Boxelder Bugs, Wolf Spiders and Asian Beetles. Cellar spiders, Bed Bugs and German Roaches are generally a year round problem.

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