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Pest Control Solutions for Restaurants & Bars

Small Flies? Big Roaches?

The bars, restaurants, and the food industry in general have high standards when it comes to pest control, so do your clients. Providing your patrons with a pest-free dining experience is key to your restaurant’s success.

Minimize the time and effort you spend assuring your restaurant’s success with a complete pest management program provided by Presto-X Pest Control.

Some of the services offered by Presto-X Pest Control specific to restaurants and bars include:

  • Flying Insect Pest Management
  • General Insect Pest Management
  • General Rodent Pest Management
  • Bioremediation Services, including grease trap and drain line treatments
  • Sanitation Audits
  • Pest Bird Management
  • Organic Pest Management

Services for your Business

Presto-X Pest Control is a full service company, your one stop shop for all of your bar or restaurant’s pest management needs, offering flexible 24/7 scheduling and detailed, inspection-ready documentation.

Presto-X Pest Control Service Technicians are experts in the field of agriculture-related pest management, providing you with complete documentation with each inspection.

The quality assurance program at Presto-X Pest Control, Total Quality Management, includes regularly scheduled inspections by Registered Sanitarians, phone surveys, and onsite random audits by regional and corporate Quality Assurance Managers.

Have a pest concern? Call Presto-X Pest Control at 1-800-759-1942 to arrange for a free facility inspection.

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About us

Presto-X provides pest control services to its commercial and industrial clients throughout the central United States.