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Sioux Falls Pest Control

The Sioux Falls Service Center services customers in the corners of four states, including Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota areas. Our 14 dedicated commercial & residential pest and termite control technicians have a combined 114 years of experience serving the States of Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota. Besides general pest management, we also specialize in bird and termite control, entotherm heat treatments for bed bugs and fumigation.Give us a call today!

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Local Expertise

We specialize in bed bug services and roach control, and take pride in our local pest knowledge. We provide a large and differing types of service including baiting for roaches, termites and other insects. All of our service technicians are QualityPro and GreenPro certified to better meet your needs.

Local Pest Trends

During the summer months our Siouxland area can encounter many different types of bugs including spiders, ants, bees, many kinds of beetles and more. In the fall and winter, we often see a spike in rodent activity in the area.

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