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San Antonio Pest Control

Welcome to Presto-X San Antonio. Currently, we have a team of highly skilled Technicians licensed to perform pest, termite and commodity fumigation services in the state of Texas.  

Customers throughout central Texas rely on Presto-X for reliable solutions throughout the year and highly effective preventative services. Stop pest problems before they start by giving us a call at 210-812-2535 or contacting Presto-X online.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are a major problem for property owners in San Antonio. As a premier travel destination, San Antonio has a large hospitality industry and there is constant travel in and out of the city. Our team utilizes the very latest in bed bug control technology to eliminate infestations. Contact us today to find out about our different bed bug services, including heat treatments, heat pod, K9 inspections and conventional services.

Pest Exclusion Services

Our team specializes in providing pest exclusion services that stop infestations before they start. Preventing pests of all kinds from gaining entry to a premises is the best way to avoid pest problems. Our Technicians are trained to seal up access points that pests commonly use to infest properties.

Local Pest Trends

San Antonio faces a number of different pest pressures year round. Problems with scorpions is quite common for many customers. We encounter many pest insects in the area like ants and crickets as well as rodents like rats and mice.

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