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Colorado Pest & Termite Control

Presto-X is Colorado's pest-removal expert offering general pest control including ant pest control, rodent control, flea control, bee removal and bat control to Boulder and the entire Denver-Aurora Metro Area. Additional services are available to commercial clients. 

We specialists in all kinds of ants (including carpenter ants); bed bugs, bees, wasps and yellow jackets; various beetles; boxelder bugs, cockroachesfleas and fliesrodents (rat and mice control); spiders, termites and more. Our skilled technicians make your family's heath and the heath of the environment their top priority in ridding your home of insects and other pests. 

Pests that are active in Colorado from April to September include: carpenter ants, pavement ants, moisture ants, boxelder bugs, soil ants, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, termites, bees/wasps, spiders and black widows. 

Active in Colorado from October to March are boxelder bugs, termites, spiders, black widows, mice, rats, carpet beetles, soil ants, cluster flies, clover mites and carpenter ants.

Contact us to request a free site survey or to find out what pest control solutions our professional team can offer you. We give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is protected against a variety of pests.

Welcome former Alpha Ecological customers! We are excited to announce that Alpha Ecological Pest Control has now merged with Presto-X for your pest control needs.

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We provide expert pest control services in the Alamosa, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver Metro, Pueblo and Steamboat Springs areas.

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