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Multi-Site Customers

Solutions for Multi-Site Customers

If your business operates from more than one location, Presto-X Pest Control provides a variety of services to make your life and work easier:

Centralized Billing
Receive one statement summarizing the services at each of your locations. If you have any questions on your monthly statement Presto-X’s centralized Accounts Receivable Department will work with you to respond to your queries.

Single Point of Contact
If ever you need to request additional service or a pest problem arises between regularly scheduled visits, your account steward will assure the problem is resolved.

Standardized Service
Presto-X Service Personnel undergo intense training and adhere to strict service protocols, ensuring that each location is serviced in the same manner and receives the same quality service.

National and International Service
Presto-X is affiliated with the Rentokil family of companies, providing standardized service throughout the United States and the world. If your company has locations outside of the Presto-X footprint, one of our partner companies will service those locations, reducing the time you will spend managing various pest control service providers.

Services for your Business

For more information on our national or international service capabilities, visit our National Accounts Website or call toll free our National Accounts Division at 1-800-759-1942.

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Presto-X provides pest control services to its commercial and industrial clients throughout the central United States.