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Pest Control for New Construction

Prevent Pests from the Foundation

Construction zones are a haven for pests, creating harbourage and feeding areas for pests of all types.

Pre-construction pest management services provided by Presto-X not only alleviate any current pest problems, but can also prevent future pest concerns once the building is completed.

Services for your Business

Termites and other Wood-Destroying Insects

Termites and other wood-destroying insects, such as powder-post beetlescarpenter ants, and carpenter bees, are capable of causing extensive damage to your building.

Presto-X pest control provides pre-construction treatments to ensure a level of preventive treatment between your home or office and these pests.

Pest Birds and Bats

Pest Birds and Bats, droppings and nests, not only annoy you, but also annoy your customers. Bird droppings and nests can damage your home, office building, signs, and equipment, making costly repairs necessary. Not to mention the health hazards of having birds nesting and roosting on your home or business.

Minimizing the potential for pest birds can begin during the design phase of a home or building. Presto-X Pest Control can assist you in incorporating nearly invisible bird management systems into the building design.

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