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Methyl Bromide Fumigation

Methyl Bromide is an odorless and colorless gas. Classified as an ozone depleting compound in the Montreal Protocol, Methyl Bromide has limited availability.

Use of Methyl Bromide is limited to:

  • Quarantine Fumigation of commodities entering the United States under USAID/APHIS jurisdiction, requiring fumigation of specific commodities to prevent the import of pests and/or disease.
  • Critical Use Exemptions for commodities which do not have an alternative fumigant available.
  • Exemptions extended to specific industries (Example: Pet Food)
  • Pre-shipment Fumigations for commodities being exported from the United States that come under quarantine requirements of the destination country (Example: ISPM 15 Fumigation of wooden pallets)

Methyl Bromide’s availability decreases each year with manufacturers producing less and less of the fumigant. Eventually, Methyl Bromide fumigant will no longer be used. Many Methyl Bromide Alternatives are available or in various stages of development.

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