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In Transit Fumigation Services

Fumigation of Barges, Railcars, & Seatainer

In Transit Fumigations typically entail the fumigation of Barges, Railcars, and, in some cases, Seatainers.

By In Transit Fumigations, we mean commodities which are fumigated while being transferred from Point A to Point B. It is illegal for such fumigations to take place on public access roads.

Phosphine is the only fumigant labeled for In Transit Fumigations.

In Transit containers being fumigated must be placarded per the product label requirements and must remain placarded until such time that the container has been properly aerated.

Depending on location and your business’s requirements, Presto-X Pest Control Service Technicians can receive and aerate the commodity, find a local partner to aerate the commodity appropriately or work with the contact of your choice that will receive the product, assuring aeration procedures are followed.

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