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Insects found in Food

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Stored cereal product insects include:

  • Flour beetles
  • Sawtooth grain beetles
  • Grain weevils
  • Warehouse beetles
  • Indian Meal Moths

Danger Signs

  • Sighting of live insects
  • Damaged product or packaging material (Holes in packaging materials, insect feeding evidence on product, webbing in product(product clumped together due to insect webbing) etc)

Potential Harm

  • Potential for contamination of food products
  • Regulatory concerns (Food and Drug Administration, HACCP compliance)
  • Third Party Auditor requirements

Business Consequences

  • Liability concerns
  • Customer complaints regarding infested product
  • Economic loss due to contaminated food products
  • Aesthetics due to the presence of live insects

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Steps To Take

  • Identification of species
  • Determine source of infestation:
    • Incoming product
    • Stored material
    • Equipment
    • Structure
  • Explore non-chemical control methods (caulking, sanitation, etc)
  • Application of approved pest management materials
  • Implement a pheromone monitoring program

Controlling Insects that attack Food Products