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Wood Boring Weevil

Euophryum sp


  • Adults are 1/16" to 3/16" in length.
  • The weevils are reddish brown to black. They have a long snout, a cylindrical body and short legs.
  • The larvae are a creamy white C-shaped, wrinkled and legless.


  • Eggs are laid singly by the female in specially evacuated holes. They are glossy, white, flexible and flattened at one end and they hatch within 16 days.
  • The larvae tunnel in the wood for between six months and a year. They pupate near the surface for between two to three weeks.
  • The adult emerges in the summer by boring its way leaving exit holes. The adults may live for over a year.


  • Damage is associated with damp and decaying wood, particularly timber already rotted by cellar fungus. Infestations can spread to adjacent healthy wood

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