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Ceratophyllus gallinae


  • Adult fleas are generally brownish in colour, and 1/32"-5/16" long.
  • The eyes as well as the antennae are apparent. Their mouthparts are well adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood and project downwards from the head.
  • This species is the most common bird flea, the hen flea.


  • Bird fleas can only live for a short time indoors and only in nests.
  • They breed during the nesting period when the host and/or young are available for regular blood meals.


  • Adult bird fleas live in bird nests. When the birds move from the nest, the adult fleas must find a new host.
  • If the nest is reused, the pupae will hatch,mate and continue the breeding cycle.
  • Bird fleas can multiply enormously in hen houses, breeders, batteries etc.

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