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Yellow Garden Spider

Argiope aurantia


  • Black with orange / yellow markings.
  • Females are up to 3 times the size of males. Male bodies can be roughly 5-10mm long, females 19-30mm.


  • Yellow garden spiders breed once a year.
  • After mating the male dies, then sometimes eaten by the female.
  • After egg-laying the female deteriorates – she becomes sluggish, thinner, some of her bright yellow colouring fades and she eventually dies.
  • The eggs hatch in Fall although the young spiders stay inside the sac over Winter, emerging the following Spring and reaching maturity in Summer.


  • These spiders are harmless to humans.
  • They are most active during the daytime, seen in sunny fields amongst plants and flowers but sometimes along the eaves of houses and outbuildings.
  • The webs are circular, up to 2 feet across and have a distinctive zigzag of silk in the centre. The webs tend to be 2-8 feet off the ground.

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