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Thelotornis capensis

Geographical Locale

  • Found in Eastern and Southern Africa.


  • Coloring is similar to that of a twig; grey-brown with lighter markings.
  • Very long and thin averaging 3 4/10" in length.
  • Head is elongated, with large eyes and horizontal pupils.


  • Haemotoxic – disabling the clotting process and causing internal and external bleeding.
  • No antidote to a bite by this snake is available in South Africa.

The Bite

  • Puncture marks at wound site.
  • Actual bite not very painful.
  • Likely to bleed copiously as blood clotting mechanism becomes affected.


  • Oviparous; females lay between 4 and 13 eggs in summer.
  • Incubation period is between 2 and 3 months.
  • Hatchlings between 9-13".
  • Hatchlings identical in color to adults.
  • Females extremely aggressive when guarding their eggs.


  • Favored habitat is grassland, bushes and small trees.
  • Timid snake and only likely to attack if provoked.
  • Diet consists mainly of lizards, chameleons, bats, frogs and small birds.

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