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Snout-Nosed Cobra

Naja annulifera

Geographical Locale

  • Found throughout Africa


  • Two enlarged venom fangs fixed in the front of the mouth.
  • Solid teeth in both jaws.
  • Typically yellowish to olive brown but can be brown or dark brown.
  • Belly usually yellowish.
  • Normally have a darker band of colour round the neck.
  • Average length of adults between 4' 11" and 6 1/2' but can reach lengths of 9' 10" !
  • Body is cylindrical and stout with a long tail.
  • Males larger than females.
  • Often confused with the Eqyptian Cobra (Naja haje).


  • Highly poisonous. Neurotoxic – attacks central nervous system.


  • Oviparous snakes; females lay between 8 and 20 eggs.
  • Incubation period is between 65 and 90 days.
  • Hatchlings between 9/10" and 1'-1" in length.
  • Hatchlings shed their skin after 7 to 12 days.
  • Hatchlings feed after their first shedding.


  • Favourite ‘homes’ are termite mounds but can also be found in arid or moist savannah.
  • Active at night; foraging from early evening – often found in poultry runs.
  • Not naturally aggressive and will bask in the sun near it’s home to enable ‘a quick retreat’ if disturbed.
  • Generally only attacks if cornered or provoked.
  • Diet consists of amphibians, rodents, birds & their eggs, lizards and other snakes – particularly Puff adders, (Bitris arietans)

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