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Boisea trivittata


  • Body somewhat flattened, elongated-oval shape with head narrower than body
  • Adult Boxelder bugs black with red lines, nymphs bright red
  • 6 legs
  • 1/2" in length
  • Antenna half the length of the body with 4-segments
  • Veinous wings with an outer membrane
  • Piercing mouthparts that form a beak beneath the body when not in use


  • Eggs are red, hatching in two weeks, followed by five phases of growth called instars
  • Adult Boxelder bugs emerge from hibernaton (overwintering) late April through early May


  • Visibility-Boxelder bugs gather, sometimes in large numbers, on the south side of rocks, trees and buildings where the sun hits throughout the day
  • Feeding-Feed on seed-bearing silver maple trees and the seeds of the boxelder trees, and on occasion, the fruit of plum and apple trees
  • When crushed or handled, Boxelder bugs produce a strong, not so pleasant odor
  • Beware-Skin irritation can result from being bitten

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