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Yellow Mealworm Beetle

Tenebrio molitor


  • dults – 3/4" long. They are shiny, dark–brown or black.
  • Larvae are honey–yellow, they have a smooth, highly polished, shiny, elongate, hard, worm-like body, and can grow to 1 3/16" long.


  • Each female lays about 275–600 eggs singly or in clusters during the spring. They are white, bean-shaped and about 1/32" long and hatch into larvae in 4 to 14 days.
  • The pupal stage lasts 7 to 24 days during the spring. Pupae are first white, turning yellow, and are not enclosed in a cocoon.
  • Adults emerge in the spring or early summer, living for two to three months.


  • It is an important post–harvest pest and occurs spread all over the world.
  • Adult beetles are attracted to night-lights, are strong fliers, and are found in dark places.

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