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Woodlouse (Sow Bug or Pill Bug)

Armadillidium Vulgare


  • Less than an inch long.

  • Thorax has 7 pairs of legs and abdomen has 6 pairs of false legs.

  • The color varies, but commonly slate grey.


  • Females carry the eggs attached to the underside of the body until the young hatch.

  • One or two generations per year.


  • In damp properties they will breed in decaying timbers and other organic debris.

  • Live under stones in cool damp locations. Adults live for up to 2 years.

  • Can invade properties when favored habitat either dries out or becomes flooded.

  • Harmless, although can be objectionable in large numbers.

  • Feeding - Decaying vegetation and some living plants.

  • Pill bugs are eaten by many animals. Their main protection is rolling into a tight balls.

  • They do not bite.

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