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Discovering cockroaches in your business facility, requires immediate action. A business cannot afford to waste time by trying to treat this resilient pest on their own.

Professional treatment is often the most effective course of action and the only approach that offers peace of mind that your business is protected from future roach problems.

Any industry can be at risk from cockroaches, although the nature of some businesses, especially those in the food processing industry, make them more susceptible to roach infestations.

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Need Help for Your Business? 

Do not waste any time! If you have seen one roach in your facility, the chances are there are others present.

For an existing roach infestation, Presto-X has reliable, effective treatment materials to help bring any problem quickly under control to try and mitigate any long term negative effects on your business.

For prevention, we can also offer your business an Integrated Pest Management solution, which can also help with early detection.

Why Should You Be Worried about Cockroaches? 

Cockroaches are prevalent throughout the United States, which means no matter where your facility is located, from Alabama to Nebraska to Texas, your business could be at risk.

The major species of roaches which commonly cause pest problem for businesses and homeowners, include the AmericanGerman, and Oriental Cockroach.

Certain conditions are more attractive to these roaches than others and knowing how to deter this insect from entering your facility is key to any control plan.

Health Risk from RoachesĀ 

Most people find the sight of a cockroach repulsive. Cockroaches, in general, are regarded as a dirty pest and this is quite true if you consider they feed in unsanitary areas, such as garbage cans, areas of food spillage and sewage systems.

From these dirty areas, they can find their way into your facility and contaminate your business, with any bacteria they may have picked up.

  • Potential for contamination of food products (cockroaches falling into product, fecal droppings in product, cockroaches walking through product)
  • Mechanical transfer of bacteria
  • Potential for damage of non-food items (paper materials, leather, clothing, etc)

Is Your Business at Risk? 

All businesses are advised to take a proactive approach to pest management, including cockroach control, so that business owners can be in control of any pest issue that may arise, rather than letting the pest control the situation.

The time to act is now! A cockroach problem discovered on your property can lead to major problems for your business. Whether the discovery is made by a buildings inspector, a customer or business owner, the negative impact on the business is the same.

Some industries are far more prone to a cockroach infestation than others simply due to the very nature of their business.

Cockroaches rely on three major things for survival - water, food and shelter. Businesses and business premises which can provide all these necessities are potentially at greater risk.

Industries at Risk from Cockroaches

  • Bars and restaurants - the readily available food in kitchen and dining areas can be very appealing to roaches.
  • Hotels and Motels - food sources in both hotel kitchens and dining rooms can attract roaches. Restrooms and changing areas are also at risk. Laundry rooms in basements can also offer much loved warmth and moisture.
  • Hospitals - the thought of roaches in hospitals is repulsive to many people,  but these institutional buildings can provide much needed warmth and shelter.
  • Multifamily Housing - the warmth generated by multiple families living in such close proximity can make multifamily housing very attractive to roaches.
  • Schools - kitchen and feeding areas in schools and on college campuses may be at a higher risk of cockroaches.

Consequences for Your Business

The potential harm from a cockroach problem discovered on your business premises can be far reaching:

  • Liability concerns, lawsuits - these costly lawsuits may be raised by any aggrieved (or ill) customer, who has been badly affected by the presence of roaches, while in your business premises.
  • Regulatory concerns, third party auditor requirements - Pest management is regulated for all industries, and failure to comply can, in the worst case, lead to a forced closure of a business. Presto-X can help in this area with our sanitation audit service.
  • Economic loss - in the case of businesses, which have an infested kitchen, a financial loss may have to be sustained due to contaminated food products (incorrectly stored food as well as fresh food), which will have to be discarded.
  • Loss of Sales - word of mouth is a powerful weapon and customers can be very quick to spread negative news about a business to others, which can easily deter customers from returning.

How To Protect Your Business from Cockroaches 

Businesses have a number of options to both prevent a cockroach problem and to help manage and control an existing roach infestation.

Preventing Cockroaches in Your Business

  • Prevention is always better than cure and, better still, less expensive. At Presto-X, we encourage all business owners to take an active approach to pest control in general.

    As part of a cockroach prevention service, Presto-X can offer businesses:

  • Thorough inspection of your property - this will help to identify any potential entry points in your building structure, which could allow roaches access into your property. The inspection of the interior of your property, may also highlight potential hotspots and areas that may appeal to roaches. Once identified, we can advise you of the best ways to seal entry points.
  • Review of sanitation procedures and program - businesses, which follow good sanitation practices can greatly help to protect themselves against roaches, by making their property less attractive to this insect. Presto-X offers sanitation audits to help review your current procedures and to ensure your business meets local, state, federal and third-party inspection requirements.
  • Integrated pest management - an integrated pest management plan can be vital to many businesses. The focus is on prevention and regular inspections of your facility can lead to early detection of any pest problem and a quicker, more efficient control plan.
  • Pest control training for your employees - a successful pest control program requires both customers and pest professionals to work together in a united way. As such, we offer client training services to help educate your employees on tips for pest prevention techniques.

Dealing with a Cockroach Infestation 

If you find your business facility has already been invaded by roaches, Presto-X can offer a fast service to bring the problem quickly under control. Cockroaches are very fond of areas where there are a lot of people because that means more garbage and more likelihood of finding food and hiding from predators. Urban areas such as DenverChicagoSt. Louis and other larger cities are very prone to cockroach infestations.

Our cockroach control solution includes 

  • Identification of species - correct identification of your particular cockroach problem, will help to determine the best solution methods for treatment.
  • Use of non-chemical control methods - sealing and removal of harborage areas
  • Application of appropriate pest management materials - including baiting, dust and liquid applications
  • Continuous monitoring - we continue to monitor your facility through regular inspections and use of monitoring materials, such as sticky traps. Sticky traps can help to identify the species, but also locate hot spots in your property.

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Cockroach Control for Commercial Premises