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Ants are one of the most commonly found pests in commercial facilities and require very specific treatments methods to successfully control. 

Presto-X has been helping businesses eliminate ant problems from their facilities for decades. Our state-certified, locally licensed technicians have all received training to treat the most common types of ants found indoors, including carpenter antspharaoh ants and odorous house ants

From local restaurants to highly regulated industries like food processing and manufacturing,  ants can potentially inflict a lot of damage to a company's brand image and result in financial losses. 
Contact Presto-X Pest Control online or call 1-800-759-1942 today to set up a pest inspection for your facility and keep your business ant-free. 

Why Worry About Ants? 

An ant infestation in your businesses is a serious problem that could result in serious repercussions. Ants can potentially damage your business in the following ways:

  • Contaminate Food Products

Ants commonly invade properties that contain food products (especially sugars and sweets). Ants can contaminate food by spreading germs and bacteria on their bodies to areas where food is stored or manufactured. 

  • Structural Damage

Ants can also hurt your business economically by inflicting structural damage. A number of ant species (including carpenter ants) are known to build nests in wood within buildings. If left untreated, ants can cause considerable damage through the wood they excavate. 

  • Stinging Ants

Certain ant species are known to sting humans and in extreme cases result in hospitalization or even death. For example, Red Imported Fire Ants become highly aggressive when provoked and have been known to sting humans repeatedly and in large numbers. Some individuals have experienced allergic reactions to ant stings. The potential of serious ant sting incidents on your property could result in costly lawsuits.    

Customized Ant Control Solutions 

Technician Inspection

To determine the severity of the ant infestation and the best control method, a Presto-X technician will conduct an inspection of your property. Presto-X offers appointment times that are convenient to your schedule. Our technicians will inspect your entire property, focusing on common ant problem areas and identify any ant nests in and around the building. 


The first and most important step in controlling an ant infestation is properly identifying the species of ant that is infesting a property. Presto-X technicians have been properly trained to identify the most common of ant invaders.

However, in situations where the ant species cannot be identified upon inspection, our staff of board-certified entomologists will test the specimens in a lab in order to correctly identify the species. 

Control Methods

The methods that a technician will employ to remove ants from a business can vary depending on the species of ant identified. Your technician will recommend an ant control solution that is customized for your situation. Control methods range from baits to pesticidal dusts. 

It is highly recommended that customers schedule pest inspections early on in the spring to decrease the likelihood of serious ant infestations. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Presto-X Pest Control local office to find out more.

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