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Welcome to Presto-X St. Louis! We provide expert pest control services in the Cuba, Hannibal, Montgomery City and St. Louis areas. 

Our 18 dedicated commercial & residential pest, termite control technicians and 2 operation managers have a combined 272 years of experience serving Greater St. Louis. Besides general pest management, we also specialize in bird control, conventional bed bug treatment and fumigation. Give us a call today!

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3952 Clayton Ave St. Louis, MO 63110

Doug Nolan (District Manager)

Presto-X Pest Control - St Louis

District Manager for St. Louis Pest Control

"My name is Doug Nolan and I have been in the pest control industry for 26 years. Here in St. Louis we pride ourselves on service excellence and treating folks right. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to help you with an average tenure of 14 years per colleague. I look forward to being of service to you."


"I wanted to pass along a comment regarding our service we receive from our technician, Steve. We have been in a long relationship with Presto-X and have enjoyed the superb service over the years.  Steve is exemplary in his service and detail, also his response time to issues surpass ANY other vendor we have. I wish that all of our vendors reacted with the same sense of urgency as Steve does.

Lastly, we have enjoyed a long relationship with Presto-X and the company is a good company, but what makes you an excellent company is Steve. Thanks for the great service."

Dr. Daniel Keao ABD, Andy's Seasoning

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Success Stories...

Here's what a Presto-X St. Louis customer said about their technician, Craig Usher: 

"I wanted to especially thank Craig Usher for his superb dedicated service.  He has been with Cott since 1993 & it's been such a pleasure working closely with him for 8 years. He is very devoted to his job, professional, and acts with a sense of urgency whenever there is a pest issue."