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Welcome to Presto-X New Orleans! We provide expert pest control services throughout Louisiana and the city of New Orleans.

Our dedicated pest and termite control technicians have a combined over 30 years of experience. We work with businesses of all types to keep their properties protected from pests. Call (225) 334-8348 to set up an inspection today! 

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Gary Beilman (District Manager)

Presto-X New Orleans District Manager

District Manager for New Orleans Pest Control

"My name is Gary Beilman and I am the District Manager of Presto-X Pest Control in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have worked in the pest control industry for over 25 years. I enjoy working with my team and coming up with solutions to people's pest problems. We are a highly motivated group that's committed to customer service excellence."

Local Pest Trends

Due to the warm climate, close proximity to water and old buildings, New Orleans experiences heavy pest pressures throughout the year. In the late summer, ants and spiders are especially active. Other pests we commonly encounter in New Orleans, include rodents, flies, crickets and termites. 

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Pests are highly active throughout the year in the New Orleans area. Ants and spiders are a concern for property owners in the late summer and early fall. Other pests we commonly encounter in the area, include crickets, flies and rodents.