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Welcome to Presto-X Pest Control Indianapolis. We provide expert pest control services in Indianapolis, Plainfield, Lafayette, Logansport, Fort Wayne, Edinburgh, Claypool, Terre Haute areas  in Indiana. We also service parts of Illinois, including Champaign. Urbana, Bloomington, Peoria, Pekin, Lincoln, Arcola, Tuscola and Paris. 

Our 8 dedicated commercial & residential pest and termite control technicians are dedicated to provide the best customer service in the industry. We have a team concept at Presto-X. We are there for our customers. Contact us today to set up a free pest inspection of your property. 

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5701 Fortune Cir S, Suite K, Indianapolis, IN 46241

Greg Johns (Area District Manager)

Greg Johns, Presto-X Pest Control

Area District Manager in Indianapolis

"My name is Greg Johns and I am the District Manager of Presto-X Pest Control in Indianapolis. I have lived in the area for 44 years, so being involved in the community is essential for me. We are all part of the family of Indiana. I love being able to present solutions and make an immediate impact on the quality of our customers' lives. Our team is all about customer service. You call, we questions asked."

Reviews & Testimonials

“In all the years I have been in this industry, Scott Friend is the best Technician I have ever had or ever worked with. He takes his time to go over everything he did and also points out any issues that needs to be fixed on our end. He spends extra time to make sure we were ready and pass our audit with a perfect score." Mike, QA Manager, Watershed.

Local Pest Trends...

In Central Indiana, we encounter a variety of different insects. In early Spring, we have ants, pill bugs, Spiders, Millipedes and Swarming Ants. In the Fall, we have experienced an increase of wasps and bees. With the farms throughout our area, we do encounter mouse issues especially during harvest and winter months.

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Success Stories...

We had a call from a school that was getting ready for the new school year in August. The new Superintendent called frantically about a mice issue and it had to be taken care of immediately. Our Technician, Darin Wisecup, went everyday for 7 days and set up a new rodent program that removed all the mice. Darin also pointed out entry points that needed to be sealed. The school opened with no mice issues!