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Welcome to Presto-X Central Illinois! We provide expert pest control services throughout the area, including Champaign. Urbana, Bloomington, Peoria, Pekin, Lincoln, Arcola, Tuscola and Paris to name a few cities.

Our branch is fortunate to have 8 extremely skilled and professional commercial and residential pest control technicians on staff. In line with our commitment to customer service, our team is dedicated to supplying you with the pest control solutions and advice you need. To set up a free pest inspection, call us at 217-356-1317.

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David Rooker(Area District Manager)

John Henderson, Presto-X Pest Control

Area District Manager in Central Illinois

"My name is David Rooker and I am the District Manager of Presto-X Pest Control in Central Illinois. I joined as a Technician in 1998 before being promoted to Sales and eventually moving into a Management role. In 2011, I was named District Manager of the branch covering the Central Illinois. My team and I take pride in serving pest control customers throughout the area."

Success Stories...

In August, we received a phone call from a local school that was experiencing pest control issues. The Superintendent was concerned about a mouse infestation with the building set to open for the new school year in a week's time. 

Our technician, Darin, visited the school every day that week to ensure that the rodent program rid the property of the mice. Additionally, Darin helped the school take steps to prevent future infestations by pointing out potential points of entry. The school opened mouse-free!

Local Pest Trends...

In Central Illinois, a wide variety of insects and rodents cause problems for businesses and homeowners. Pill bugs,  ants, and spiders are highly active in the area in the spring. In the fall and winter months, mice become a major cause of concern for farmers in the region. 

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“Josh Howe is very polite and very knowledgeable. When I have a question he answers it right away and provides great service. I cannot say enough, I am very happy with his service." - Christensen Farms