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Welcome to Presto-X Hartselle! Our staff of dedicated commercial technicians have a combined 57 years of experience serving the State of Alabama and Florida. Besides general pest management, we also specialize in bird control, entotherm treatments for bed bugs and fumigation. 

The Alabama Team looks for ways to maintaining control of pests in and around our clients facility as a essential segment of the overall sanitation and maintenance program. Give us a call today and let us put our experience to work! 

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Call: 205-703-2748

8651 Goodwater Highway, Goodwater, AL 35072

Matthew Morgan (District Service Manager)

Matthew Morgan - Presto-X Alabama Service Center Manager

District Service Manager for Hartselle Pest Control

"My name is Matthew Morgan and I am the District Service Manager of Presto-X Pest Control in Hartselle, Alabama area. We provide expert pest control services in Alabama and Florida Panhandle areas. I have been a member of the Presto-X team for 17 year and was a plant sanitarian for 20 years before coming to work for Presto-X."

Reviews & Testimonials

"One of our local Technicians, Waylon Perkins, has been a key to our growth and success in Alabama. After a recent audit, our customer, Foster Farms had the following to say: "Audit went well. 100 % on pest control. Auditor looked hard at our bait stations. He must have checked at least 10 bait stations. All were secured to the ground with fresh bait. Overall score was 98.3% Superior rating. Thank you for all of your hard work!" - Nancy Robertson, M.S., Foster Farms - Demopolis, QA Manager

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Rodents and pest birds carry diseases, destroy property and can be a source of product contamination. Additionally, pest sightings by regulatory officials, clients, employees, or visitors damage the public image our clients work so hard to create and reflect poorly on the overall standard of sanitation which is being maintained. The objective of our partnership is to protect our clients environment, reputation and the health and safety of their staff, vendors and visitors. Such a task calls for an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program, which are designed specifically with our customers' needs in mind.