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A Pest-Free Supply Chain

Pest Control for Storage & Distribution Specialists

Pests cut your margin by disrupting the supply chain and damaging or contaminating your client’s product. Just as you are required to adapt to your clients’ fulfillment needs, Presto-X Pest Control promises to provide you with a Customized Pest Control Program to proactively address the warehousing industry.

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Warehouses are uniquely sensitive to pest infestations due to the movement of products and materials. Pests brought in by incoming product can easily be shipped out when left unchecked. Presto-X Pest Control experiences Service Technicians provide regular inspections of your facility and trending information to monitor and prevent potential risks to the goods stored in your warehouse.

Presto-X Pest Control provides a complete range of pest management services, including:

Food Storage and Distribution

Warehouses handling food products must adhere to the stringent requirements of the Food Processing Industry. Presto-X Pest Control specializes in customizing programs to fit your regulatory requirements and meet the needs of your storage facility.

Have a pest concern? Call Presto-X Pest Control at 1-800-759-1942 to arrange for a free facility inspection.

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