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Pests in the manufacturing environment can quickly cause damage to products and materials when left unchecked by a regular pest inspection. Even when your manufacturing facility works diligently to maintain a pest-free environment, incoming product can easily bring unwanted pests along with it.

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Presto-X Pest Control offers a comprehensive pest management program for manufacturers to prevent damage and/or contamination of materials and products, including:

  • General Rodent Pest Control
  • General Insect Pest Control
  • Pest Bird Management
  • Facility inspections and trending reports with every service
Storage and Distribution

Storage & Distribution facilities are extremely sensitive to pest infestations due to the movement of products and materials. Food Storage & Distribution facilities have additional inspection and regulatory requirements that much be meant with their pest control program.

Leading Utility companies throughout the central United States look to Presto-X Pest Control to provide them with a comprehensive pest control program. Pest management programs for utility companies are designed to keep your building operational and pest-free.

Have a pest concern? Call Presto-X Pest Control at 1-800-759-1942 to arrange for a free facility inspection.

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