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Pest Control for the Food Processing Industry

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Food safety is no laughing matter. Recent headlines demonstrate the rigors necessary to maintain the integrity of your food products and services.

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Presto-X Pest Control specializes in servicing the Food Processing industry. Pest Control Service Technicians are well-versed in the requirements of third party auditors and national and international regulations related to the food processing industry.

Each Presto-X Pest Control Inspection and Service Report includes a sanitation and structural review of your food facility, noting any deficiencies on each service report, providing an extra set of eyes to look out for the integrity of your food products.
Services provided by Presto-X specific to the Food Processing industry include:

The quality assurance program at Presto-X Pest Control, Total Quality Management, includes regularly scheduled inspections by Registered Sanitarians, phone surveys, and onsite random audits by regional and corporate Quality Assurance Managers.

Have a pest concern? Call Presto-X Pest Control at 1-800-759-1942 to arrange for a free facility inspection.

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