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RADAR Human Mouse Control

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RADAR is a mouse control solution developed by Rentokil that detects, captures and isolates mice, efficiently, hygienically and humanely.

RADAR stands for Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance — which describes exactly what it does.

RADAR Mouse Control leaflet for further information.

Discreet & Innovative Mouse Control Solution

RADAR was designed specifically to meet the needs of high risk market segments, where the presence of a single mouse cannot be tolerated.

As the RADAR unit is self-contained it can be safely & discreetly removed from your premises by our qualified and experienced technicians. On-going contract maintenance will ensure optimal performance of RADAR, and full compliance with your Health & Safety obligations.

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RADAR Mouse Control is ideal for:

The RADAR mouse control system was developed by Rentokil giving these key benefits:

  • Effective 24/7 detection & eradication of mice within your premises.
  • Highly effective, allowing use in any sensitive areas, including production environments.
  • Extremely discreet & unobtrusive, units are placed at wall floor junctions.
  • Innovative, self-contained unit allows service with no disruption to your business.
  • Simple, hygienic, easy to clean & more discreet than other rodent control solutions.

Mouse Facts - what you should know!

How does the RADAR mouse trap work?

Our qualified and experienced Presto-X technicians identify rodent activity, then install the RADAR units in appropriate locations.

RADAR Human Mouse Control

The RADAR mouse trap has two entrances, one at each end of the unit, allowing mice to run through its passageway. 

If the mouse breaks two consecutive infrared beams, it trips a circuit that immediately closes both entrances.

Once the mouse is trapped inside the tightly sealed chamber, the carbon dioxide gas is released. The gas acts extremely rapidly and is widely recognized as a humane method of mouse control. 

There is no danger of contamination as the mouse remains completely isolated. A warning light immediately illuminates to indicate capture.

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