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Pest Threats to Multifamily Housing

Multifamily property managers are responsible for ensuring their properties are profitable, properly maintained and that their tenants have a quality living experience.

Part of this responsibility should include minimizing the risk of pest threats to their buildings to ensure a pest free living environment for their tenants.

Any pest infestation involving rodents, ants, bed bugs and roaches will have a negative impact on the relationship between a tenant and owner and may become very costly to solve and control. Presto-X offers complete pest protection for multifamily housing.

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Impact of Pests in Multifamily Housing

No property manager ever wants to have to deal with a pest problem. Often poor management will result in rent reductions or high vacancy rates.

Unfortunately, multifamily housing is particularly susceptible to pest problems due to the multiple entry points into a building. Indoor access for pests becomes even greater when there are structural defects in a building due to poor management.

Potential Impact of a Pest Infestation:

Pests pose a serious health and safety threat with the potential to contaminate food, transmit pathogenic germs and cause a lot of damage to equipment and buildings.

Rodents gnawing on wires can short-circuit electrical systems and corrosive pigeon droppings can cause costly damage to a building’s exterior.

The negative impact of pests in multifamily housing include:

  • Termination of leases
  • Vacancies leading to revenue loss
  • Compensation claims
  • High cost of delayed pest control treatments
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Damaged reputation of property manager

How Presto-X Can Help Multifamily Housing

Presto-X provides integrated pest management solutions designed to protect your investment (property) and your tenants.

Keeping pests out of housing should be a top priority for all multifamily property managers.

We offer a proactive approach to pest control, combined with preventative measures, which will help to reduce the risk of a serious pest infestation and greatly reduce the threat of pests in the first place.

With access to the latest, innovative pest control products and materials, Presto-X ensures we use the most effective pest control solutions available. 

As part of our GreenPro credentials, whenever possible, we will use the most environmentally-responsible products and processes.

Presto-X can also help to improve the pest awareness of tenants which can help to detect the early signs of pest activity – the earlier a pest problem is detected, the better.

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How to ensure your multifamily property is less attractive to pests:

  • Store food in plastic or metal containers
  • Keep household garbage in closed bins and use compactors
  • Trim vegetation from balconies, roofs etc
  • Keep drains clear and in good working order
  • Ensure basements are clean, dry and free of debris

If there is a problem, our rapid response commitment means that your Presto-X Technician will be with you quickly and deal with the pest to prevent recurrence. You can also be assured that Presto-X Technicians are skilled, experienced professionals – they are state certified licensed applicators and are required to participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise. They also have respect for you, your property and your time.

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