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Registered Sanitarians

A Registered Sanitarian is trained in the field of sanitary science and technology and authorized to educate and inspect environmental health services, controlling environmental hazards to preserve and improve on the health and safety of people and their environment.

Registered Sanitarians at Presto-X Pest Control inspect facilities in regards to compliance with local, state, federal and third party inspection requirements. Typically such requirements are directly related to the success of the pest management program in place.

Sanitation Audits

Presto-X’s Registered Sanitarians conduct Sanitation Audits for our clients, reviewing not only the pest management program, but any sanitation and structural concerns which may have an impact on the client’s overall sanitation program.

After the completion of a sanitation audit, Presto-X’s Registered Sanitarians complete a detailed report of their findings which is submitted to the client for review.


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