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RADAR Human Mouse Control

RADAR is a mouse control solution developed by Rentokil that detects, captures and isolates mice, efficiently, hygienically and humanely.

RADAR stands for Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance — which describes exactly what it does.

RADAR Mouse Control leaflet for further information.

Discreet & Innovative Mouse Control Solution

RADAR was designed specifically to meet the needs of high risk market segments, where the presence of a single mouse cannot be tolerated.

As the RADAR unit is self-contained it can be safely & discreetly removed from your premises by our qualified and experienced technicians. On-going contract maintenance will ensure optimal performance of RADAR, and full compliance with your Health & Safety obligations.

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RADAR Mouse Control is ideal for:

The RADAR mouse control system was developed by Rentokil giving these key benefits:

  • Effective 24/7 detection & eradication of mice within your premises.
  • Highly effective, allowing use in any sensitive areas, including production environments.
  • Extremely discreet & unobtrusive, units are placed at wall floor junctions.
  • Innovative, self-contained unit allows service with no disruption to your business.
  • Simple, hygienic, easy to clean & more discreet than other rodent control solutions.

Mouse Facts - what you should know!

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