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Luminos 3 Plus Insect Light Trap

The Luminos 3 Plus insect light trap has been developed to deliver enhanced flying insect pest control for businesses such as food retailers, property management companies and offices, that require a higher level of protection than standard glue board units.

Luminos 3 Plus

Luminos 3 Plus uses unique encapsulation technology developed by Rentokil. This approach to insect control works by trapping bugs on an adhesive film at the bottom of the unit which automatically winds on, at regular intervals, to help manage the risks of contamination from dead insects. The unit offers the option to add a rear glue board with encapsulation to further increase catch rate and insect pest management in higher risk areas.

Benefits to your business

  • Uses encapsulation technology – reduces risk of contamination from trapped insects.
  • Better catch rate – enhanced protection from the risks of flying insect infestations.
  • Automatic wind on adhesive film – can be set at different intervals to manage risks of contamination.
  • Quick servicing – minimal disruption to your business.
  • Attractive design – can be used in public areas.
  • Safe and hygienic – no pesticides or flying insect fragments.
  • Peace of mind – fulfills legal and health and safety requirements.

Suitable for your business

Luminos 3 Plus insect light trap units are suitable for a range of customers, including:


Unique technology, greater protection

In a series of tests designed to compare the effectiveness of Rentokil’s Luminos units, Luminos 3 Plus outperforms Luminos Sapphire and Luminos 1 offering highly effective fly control and an aesthetically pleasing design. For higher risk areas with very low tolerance to flies, Luminos 4 is recommended.

The graph below reflects the calculated “Half Life Time” for Rentokil’s Luminos range. This test measures how quickly a unit catches 50% of flies in an area, and uses this as a proxy for overall effectiveness.


Technical specification

Luminos 3 Plus insect light traps conform to all relevant European electrical and UV safety standards. The unit has been designed so that some simple servicing, such as changing the tubes, can be carried out at ground level by simply removing the front cover. This results in minimal disruption to your business.

To ensure optimum performance the unit should be professionally serviced by your Rentokil technician. The lamps should be replaced annually at the beginning of the fly season and dependent on infestation levels, the adhesive film should be replaced every 3 months.

The unit should be wall mounted and uses three 15W UV-A lamps to attract insects. The unit has an attractive design enabling usage in public areas and, if needed, is available in a variety of colors.

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