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Bioremediation - Drain Line Service

Presto-X Drain Line Service can seamlessly integrate your pest control and drain line management with an innovative technology known as Bioremediation. 

Bioremediation is the use of live microorganisms that actually digest fat, oil and grease and convert them into water and carbon dioxide. Developed in 1993, this eco-friendly formula is specifically tailored to the food service industry.

Presto-X Technicians inject specific microbes into your drain lines to maintain proper function -- saving your business from the problems that can arise. 

Integrating Presto-X's Pest Management with your Drain Line Services will provide a proactive program based on the needs and budget of your business. 

Presto-X identifies the source of problems, controls costs and minimizes material use. One source for both services maximizes convenience and increases efficiency and results.

Presto-X Drain Line & Pest Control Services:

  • Reduces drain-related odors.
  • Eliminates drain problems that can lead to pest problems.
  • Increases your drain flow capacity.
  • Reduces your outdoor grease interceptor pumping frequency by at least 50%.
  • Reduces drain fly breeding sites.
  • Saves you time, money, and protects your brand reputation.

Drain Line Concerns

  • Drain Flies / Small Flies - Grease and organic buildup in drains are primary feeding and breeding sites for drain flies/small flies.
  • Drain Line Buildup - Through constant use, grease and organic matter accumulate inside pipes and reduce flow capacity.
  • Grease Interceptor Maintenance - Grease interceptors fill quickly, requiring frequent pumping and expense.
  • Odors - Organic materials decompose and create odors in your kitchen and in the front of the house.

Flexible service options:

  • Main Drain Line Injection Service - Ehrlich will administer microbes into your drain lines and regularly service the unit to ensure that the system is working properly.
  • Floor and Beverage Drain Service - Ehrlich will reduce fly breeding sites and odors by treating your floor and beverage drains.
  • Full Service Bioremediation - This service includes Main Drain Line Injection and Floor and Beverage Drain Services and provides treatment and monitoring of your outdoor grease interceptor as well.

Presto-X Drain Line & Grease Trap Maintenance Service

Presto-X will provide you with a dedicated service team - trained, experienced and trustworthy. With over 30 years in the pest control business, there’s no problem too large or small for our team of pest experts. 

Your Presto-X Service Technician will work with your schedule, your situation and your budget to control problems.

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