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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The resurgence of bed bugs worldwide has made them especially problematic for all industries. Proficient hitchhikers, bed bugs are easily imported into guest rooms via luggage and other personal items.

Presto-X has developed a one-service treatment strategy using forced hot air technology to obtain quick, reliable results to effectively control bed bug infestations.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process:

  • Skilled Presto-X Technicians use specialized equipment to elevate ambient room temperature and adjust temperatures throughout service to achieve mortality of all bed bugs in any life stages present at the time of service - including eggs.
  • During the heat treatment process, the room is pressurized and heat is forced into the smallest cracks and crevices.
  • By optimizing furniture arrangement and positioning high temperature fans, hot air circulation is maximized, cool spots are eliminated and lethal temperatures are achieved in all areas of the treatment zone.
  • Temperature probes are placed in strategic locations and infrared, remote thermometers verify that critical temperatures are achieved.

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