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Conventional Termite Treatment

Need a reliable termite treatment plan for your home? The first step is to arrange an inspection of your home. 

After a thorough evaluation, Presto-X can offer you a customized treatment, based on the unique layout of your home, the risk areas on your entire property, the construction type of your home and, of course, the size of your termite problem.

Termite control technicians at Presto-X are expertly trained in termite biology and termite control methods, and bring with them many years of field tested knowledge in the control of termites.

For over 80 years, our customers have put their homes in our safe hands to protect them against termites.

The first step is to arrange your termite inspection by Presto-X today!

Termite Treatments for Your Home 

There are various approaches available to a professional exterminator to treat your home for termites.

Termite Soil Treatment 

Soil treatment is just one option for termite treatment and Presto-X offers this approach as part of our ‘Limited/modified’ conventional termite treatment.
Soil treatment is a traditional method for treating termites, which has been used successfully for many decades.

It requires a direct application of the termite treatment material into the soil around the entire exterior perimeter of your home. With this method, treatment inside of your home is limited to only areas where termite activity is found.

Benefits of soil treatment:

  • Less disruptive - Significantly less intrusion and aesthetic disruption (i.e. moving furniture, removing carpet, drilling of finished floors, dust) inside your home.
  • More environmentally friendly – application of material is localized to strategic areas which reduce the total amount of material used.
  • Better for your home and family - restricts the use of treatment materials inside your home (in living spaces) to a fractional amount when compared to traditional conventional treatment.

Termite Monitoring and Baiting

Termite monitoring & baiting may be an effective alternative approach for your home.

This method includes installing bait stations in the soil around the structure of your home. The bait stations are cleverly designed to attract termites, which will readily take the bait on offer and carry it back to the colony. The bait should then be able to kill off large numbers of termites in the colony.

However, it does take some time for termites to find these stations and begin feeding.

The use of bait stations is an environmentally friendly approach to termite control for your home. Presto-X proudly uses this termite control system from Sentricon, which was awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

Meeting your business needs


How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

We understand that you will want to keep the cost low for any treatment. At the same time you will want to ensure that the most effective products are used by trained professionals, who are experts on termites, termite habits and biology.

To start, Presto-X offers a termite inspection of your home. Based on the results of the evaluation, Presto-X will offer a fair price to treat your home as effectively as possible.

How Can I Reduce the Cost? 

Termite prevention is key but only useful if you have not had a termite problem already. The Year Round Protection Plan Plus Termites can offer security against termites.

Once there is a problem though, the way to limit the damage is to act fast. Contact your local exterminator to inspect your property and put in place a termite treatment plan as quickly as possible.

Is Termite Treatment Guaranteed to Work? 

Presto-X will not rest until you are satisfied with our work. However, it is impossible to promise that you will never have a termite problem again. 

Presto-X guarantees a commitment to provide a reliable and effective termite treatment plan for your home and an on-going monitoring system.

Let Presto-X be your trusted provider for termite control by contacting us at 1-800-759-1942

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