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Procyon lotor


  • 24–36" long plus a tail of approx 10".
  • Coat is gray, brown and black fur.
  • Black fur around its eyes with white fur extending out into the face.
  • Bushy tail with light and dark alternating rings.
  • Black paws which are hand-like. 


  • Tend to mate late Winter in the new year.
  • Give birth early Spring / early Summer.
  • By late Summer the litter are able to hunt for themselves.
  • In Winter the raccoon will sleep in its den.


  • Location - Native to North America. In the wild they live in hollow trees or ground burrows in forests, also seen along streams or rivers looking for food. Also often found in residential areas.
  • Feeding - Berries, insects, fruit, chickens, and small mammals. In urban areas they forage in trash receptacles and will eat pet food that has been left-out.
  • Visibility – they are mostly nocturnal.
  • Can carry diseases including rabies.


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