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Marmota monax


  • Stocky in build.
  • Coarse grayish-brown fur.
  • 17-26" long.
  • Bushy tail.
  • Thick, curved claws.


  • Breed in Spring.
  • Produce one litter per year.
  • The young are independent by midsummer.
  • Hibernate in the Fall, emerge in Spring.
  • Can live up to 6 years in the wild, longer in captivity.


  • Location - Open pastures, fields, ditches, roadsides. In residential areas beneath patios, decks, garages.
  • Hibernation - Groundhogs construct burrows. They build a separate burrow for Winter hibernation.
  • Visibility – Seen during early Spring, but in warmer months stay in their burrows, emerging early morning or night for feeding.
  • Feeding - grass, leaves, seeds, fruit.

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