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Vulpes Vulpes


  • Average 23 1/2 – 35 1/2" head & body length.
  • Male Foxes average weight is about 10kgs and the female Fox is 8kgs.
  • The color of the Fox's fur varies and can range from yellow-y orange, through red to black.
  • Most common characteristic of the fox is white fur on the chin, chest and end of the tail.


  • Breeding season lasts for three months over the winter period
  • Foxes gestation period is about eight weeks
  • Litter sizes range from one to ten ‘kits’
  • ‘Kits’ leave their Mother at between 6 and 8 months old
  • Although a fox could live well beyond 10 their life expectancy in the wild is short and probably only averages between one and two years


  • Foxes tend to make their homes in woodland and farmland
  • Except for breeding females foxes do not tend to sleep in their ‘dens’ but may sleep in the open
  • Foxes are nocturnal creatures but do occasionally venture out in daylight
  • Foxes are curious animals but also wary of contact and are unlikely to approach a human and have seldom been known to attack fully grown domestic pets such as dogs and cats.
  • The foxes diet is variable – whilst they are omnivores and eat chickens, rats, mice etc they also like berries, fruit, vegetable and grains. Foxes will, in fact, eat pretty much the same as a human being which is why they scavenge in dustbins.

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