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Yellow Jackets (Social Wasp)



  • Worker - 1/2 inch long.
  • Queen - 3/4 inch long.
  • Alternating black and yellow bands.
  • Two sets of wings.
  • Narrow waist.
  • Lance-like stinger.


  • Annual colonies.
  • Queen begins to nest in Spring.
  • Aggressive numbers in late Summer.
  • Colonies begin to decline by Fall.
  • Only inseminated Queens nest over Winter.


  • Feeding – at certain times of the year feed on insects including caterpillars / harmful flies, as colonies increase they are attracted to food consumed by humans.
  • Sting – sting repeatedly, will sting if provoked with symptoms range from swelling to life-threatening allergic shock.
  • Visibility – visible during the day as they don't see well at night.
  • Nesting - in trees / shrubs, or internally in attics, hollow walls/ flooring, sheds, under porches/eaves of buildings.

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