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Xylocopa virginica


  • 3/4 - 1 inch long.
  • Female faces are black, male faces are yellow.
  • Bright yellow, orange or white hairs on the thorax.
  • No hair on abdomen.
  • Females have a stinger, males do not.


  • Tunnel into wood to lay eggs.
  • Life cycle from egg – larva – pupa - adult takes approximately seven weeks.
  • Larva is large and noisy.
  • New adults emerge from the nest late August.


  • Sting - Only sting if provoked.
  • Visibility - Late-spring to mid-October.
  • Nesting - Bare, untreated softwoods are preferred, including redwood, cedar, cypress and pine. Old nests are used year after year.
  • Location – Nests can be found in eaves, window trims, facia boards, siding, decks and outdoor furniture.
  • Feeding - flowers that contain pollen, eg Bradfords, Daffodils, Pansies. Pollen stored in abandoned tunnels for overwintering.

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