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Bombus species


  • Entire body has bands of black and yellow/orange hairs.


  • Bumble bees form colonies which contain numbers of between 50 to 150.
  • They have a yearly cycle except in tropical countries where a supply of flowers all year round provides constant food.
  • The Queen will find a nest and build a wax honey pot, lay eggs and store regurgitated nectar (honey).
  • As the weather gets warmer she will construct more honey pots and lay more eggs, often while the previous batch are still in the larval stage.
  • Workers are usually produced first, Queens at a later stage.
  • The colony will die away in late Summer when the weather cools.
  • At this point new Queens have to find places to hibernate for the Winter.
  • Queens re-emerge in Spring.


  • They prefer flower-rich habitats in open areas or gardens where they can feed on nectar and gather pollen.
  • Nests are found is dry areas, generally made in deserted nests, unkept hedges or under tree roots.
  • Females can sting and can do so more than once. Males cannot sting.
  • The hairs on the body help to keep them warm. They can maintain a temperature up to 38 oC.

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