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Wasps and bees

Persistent Wasp or Bee Sightings?

Danger Signs

  • Seeing or hearing live insects
  • Nests or cases of paper wasps
  • Seeing stinging insects entering an opening, hole, or crack

Potential Harm

  • Physical harm, being stung and the potential for life-threatening complications for those allergic to bee/wasp stings
  • Structural damage from nesting activity

Business Consequences

  • Liability concerns, lawsuits
  • Employee and/or customer safety
  • Potential for economic loss

Steps To Take

  • Identify the insect
  • Locate the nesting site
  • Apply appropriate pest management materials to eliminate any present colony
  • Advise the customer of what steps they may need to take after the treatment to prevent further infestations, damage or risk of being stung.

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Wasp & Bee Control for Commercial Premises