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Dry Wood Termites

Cryptotermes spp.


  • Larvae – 1/32" long, translucent white.
  • Soldiers – 3/16" pale thorax and abdomen with a darker head .
  • Adults – bodies up to 5/16", or 7/16" including wings.


  • The winged adults (alates) emerge from the nest and swarm. After a short flight, they land and shed their wings .
  • Once the females attract a male they seek a suitable site, e.g. a crack in a dry timber beam, and begin to excavate a chamber.
  • They do not mate until they are sealed into their nest. Mating occurs throughout the life of the colony.
  • The development of the colony is slow and after 1 year, the King and Queen may only have produced 3 or 4 larvae.
  • The larvae develop into workers, soldiers or alates.


  • They infest dry timber, e.g. structural timbers.
  • They expand their nests by eating through timber in all directions; eventually leaving just a hollow, yet otherwise normal appearing piece of timber.
  • They are most frequently detected by the frass that is ejected from the infected timber.

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