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Scorpions (1100 Species)



  • Adult -1/2" – 8". Colour varies with species, from yellow to black. Easily distinguished by their pincers and a long, segmented tail bearing a stinger.


  • Scorpions have a long gestation period (from 2-18 months). Each female bears 25-35 young which climb onto to the mothers back.
  • They remain on her back for a week or two after birth. Once they climb down they are independent, and take two to six years to reach maturity.
  • The average scorpion lives three to five years, but some species can live up to 10-15 years.


  • Most scorpions are nocturnal.
  • As well as in hot, dry areas, scorpions are found in grasslands, savannahs, caves and deciduous / mountain pine / rain forests.
  • Scorpion venoms affect the victim’s nervous system. Each species has a unique mixture.

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