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Agkistrodon piscivorus

Geographical Locale

  • Found mainly in the southeastern states, including very southern Virginia to Florida and east to eastern Texas


  • Roughly 2 ft. 8" long.
  • Large body.
  • The back is dark olive or black, the belly is paler.
  • Body has crossbands with a distinct border extending all the way around and across the stomach.
  • Triangular head with slit-shaped pupils and fangs.
  • Has a white lining in its mouth, hence often called ‘Cotton Mouth’.


  • •Hemotoxic, destroying tissue, degenerating organs and causing disrupted blood clotting.

The Bite

  • Extremely painful.
  • Not usually aggressive, will not attack unless feel threatened.


  • Breed in Spring and Fall.
  • Gestation period can be 3-4 months
  • Produce a litter of up to 12 young.
  • The young are born live.
  • Hibernate over Winter along hillsides above streams.


  • Location - Water Moccasins are semi-aquatic. Spend most of their time close to permanent water sources.
  • Visibility - Primarily active at night, but they bask in the sun during the day, often on branches overhanging the water.
  • Feeding - fish, frogs, lizards, birds, small mammals, and other snakes.

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